A bikini body? Pffft…. there’s no such thing.


Whoever said voluptuous women or those over 40 must never wear a bikini should take a trip to Europe.

I can tell you, hand on heart and fresh from six weeks on the Mediterranean that every woman (with the occasional ultra-rare exception) whether fat or thin, young or old, sunning on the beaches, drinking at the bars or swimming in the aquamarine waters of Croatia, Italy or Greece wore a tiny bikini –and frankly my dear, no one gave a damn!

As an Aussie, beaches and I are practically inseparable but bikinis and I parted years ago. So as I exchanged E15 (AU$22) in Sicily for a tiny tangerine bikini I told myself it was ‘just in case’. Within an hour I was swimming, sunning, even hobbling along the rocky beaches in my bikini without a trace of self-consciousness about my wobbly bits being on display for the entire world to see. (btw… That’s not me in the photo… but you knew that).

Let me tell you there was nothing more liberating than flouting my less than perfect body…. and nothing more delicious than feeling the sun on my belly again.

So go for it Aussie (American? Canadian? and British?) women. Throw off the shackles of self-consciousness… laugh in the face of criticism for not having a body like Miranda or Elle… and don a bikini. I’ll see you on the beach! 🙂unknown-9



  1. Sue Gerhardt Griffiths

    Up until about 4 yrs ago I still looked like the woman in that photo. I don’t know what or how it happened by I grew a belly. I would love to wear a bikini but I just can’t, I won’t, it’s too embarrassing. For now and until my belly disappears (by doing vigorous exercise) I’ll don a rash shirt and board shorts. Lol.

    PS. It’s funny, I was going to ask if it was you in the photo – no wonder you’d have no qualms wearing a bikini. Bahhahahaha.
    Great blog post by the way!

    • diannemaguire

      I bet you still rock a bikini Sue. Get into and be proud of your belly. And no – sadly that is not my tangerin bikini nor my body within it. 🙁 Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment. xx

      • Sue Gerhardt Griffiths

        Dianne, I might upgrade to one of those tiny board shorts I see on young girls, but the rash shirt has to stay (for now). I don’t mind my belly so much as I do the scar I’m left with after I had my appendix taken out. It’s left me with a lopsided muffin top. ? xo

        • diannemaguire

          I’ve seen your gorgeous smile Sue. I reckon no one would worry about your appendix scar. I saw stretch marks, scars and generous rolls of flesh all worn without thought or care on the Mediterranean because everyone sees them and most people have them. xx

          • Sue Gerhardt Griffiths

            Aww, thanks Dianne. But nope, sorry not wearing one here in Aussieland in another country maybe, but highly unlikely. Hee hee. One day I’ll come down your way and we’ll both pour ourselves into our bikinis and show the world our hot bods. LOL!!!

          • diannemaguire

            Maybe one day every woman in Australia will be like Europe and feel free to wear what they like on the beach. Let’s hope so.

  2. Mel

    Oh they love all bodies in Europe! No one believes in age limits for anything. Good on you for rocking that bikini, I bet you felt amazing and if you felt amazing, it would be shining out from your pores. There’s nothing more alluring than that 🙂

    • diannemaguire

      Not sure I looked as though I was rocking it Mel. But at home I would not have even put a bikini on inside my house let alone brazenly worn it on the beach! But I had no thought or worry about how I looked on the Mediterranean because I was too busy loving that delicious sensation of the sun soaking into my belly. Do you know I saw a woman in her eighties hobbling along with a walking stick and wearing a black bikini? We have something to learn from her. Thanks for your great comment and for visiting xx 🙂

  3. Pam

    Can’t wait to catch up with you & the tangerine two piece in our beautiful bay – that’s if we ever get a summer! Travel always broadens our outlook.

    • diannemaguire

      Doesn’t it though Pam. We are so lucky to be able to travel to other beautiful places in the world and then return to our own gorgeous Australia. And yes, you will see me in our beautiful bay but you will not see the tangerine bikini. Even though Europe was an empowering experience it was not empowering enough for me overlook my imperfections and don a bikini on an Australian beach. 🙂 Thanks for visiting this site btw Pam. xxx

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