Age… It’s just a number

At a friend’s recent 60th birthday party, a guy I had never met before congratulated me on the release of ‘What Matters Most’. Of course, I beamed with joyful pride. Then he said, ‘I suppose you wish you’d started writing when you were younger…’

The smile slid from my face. I was instantly silenced. Was he telling me I was too old to be a debut novelist

But it was a moot point because as I told him, I couldn’t have written this book when I was younger.


Do you think Meryl Streep is old? Born 1949


What about Helen Mirren  born 1945


Or Deborah Hutton born 1961



  1. Julie Nevid

    So agree with you. What I quick come back with age does come wisdom. My partner who is Chinese always says when I complain about getting old ” you are lucky it is an honour and a privilege to grow old” it took me years to get the meaning. So if you don’t get to grow old your not alive. Bit slow I am. So now I agree getting older is an honour and a privilege

    • diannemaguire

      I think you’re right Julie. The Chinese have a much healthier attitude to ageing and the aged than most of us in western society. And btw I am very excited by this – the first post on my brand new web-site – thanks so much for taking the time to contact me! Dianne x 🙂

  2. Annegret

    So true, embrace your life with passion and love those who are on the ride with you! There is no turning back. My mother who just turned 86 is just so positive and loves life. Her belief ” I am lucky to be here, and when I go, I want you to celebrate my life”!! You be ever so proud of your wonderful achievements Dianne 🙂 Can not wait for your next book. Much love, Annegret x

    • diannemaguire

      Love you right back Annegret. Thank you for sharing these beautiful sentiments. x 🙂

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