Coastal Magic

Coastlines are magical. Think about seaglass for example. Bottles and jars tumble on the seabed for decades, worn smooth and tossed back to shore as seaglass or ‘mermaids’ tears’. I found these little miracles on the Fleurieu.

And look at Fort Bragg California -it’s a feast of seaglass with not a jagged edge to be seen.

Am I right or wrong about coastlines being magical?



  1. Cath leo

    One of my sweetest childhood memories was landing at ‘Nanna Doll’s House’ in Port Elliot, and we’d go hunting through her garden paths which were filled with beach-combed delights, collected during her daily walks over decades…. Pieces of shell, tile, pebbles, washed glass like you described… And there was a single ceramic blue and white tree from a Willow pattern plate and us kids would go hunting for the tree! In amongst thousands of tiny remnants. We’d barely switched the Datsun off and we’d bolted to the backyard… Thanks for reminding me of this, I wonder if the new owners of the house kept the collection weaving throughout the backyard…

    • diannemaguire

      This is such a precious memory Cath which truly defines ‘Coastal Magic’. Thanks for sharing.

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