Fur babies

During a stroll this week our girl Sophie emerged from a reedy pond, limping, panting and gnawing at her paw, eventually unable to walk. We thought she was dying and called the vet.

When we carried her into the surgery the nurse rushed to examine her and solemnly asked us to place our panting crippled Sophie on the floor.

In something close to a miracle, Sophie sprang to her feet to dart  in and out of consulting rooms creating havoc and keeping the three of us at a safe distance behind. From that moment on she has been fine, no swelling, not even a limp. And we still have no idea what happened in those reeds.

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  1. Cathy Smith

    Her way of saying ‘carry me home’. Don’t we just love our furry, family members?

    • diannemaguire

      Indeed Cathy. Sophie not being able to walk was terrifying because she is so tough. Wish I knew what it was that bit her but she’s fine now. x

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