I adore all things French

That’s why I’m learning the language. But every time I speak it my French teacher is taunted by yawns. What’s that about?


  1. diannemaguire

    A rented villa in Banon, Provence in the south of France was home to my husband and I for ten magical days. Our neighbour was the local tour guide so we drank coffee with the owners and residents of ancient stone structures built in the 1300’s, met a stubborn Parisienne woman who lived for years without water and electricity due to a dispute with the local council, walked through endless lavender fields and savoured fromage without guilt as cheese is Banon’s main industry. Le patissier, le boulanger et le charcutier all operated from produce-crammed shops facing onto a cobble-stoned centre-ville and became our friends to good-naturedly tolerate my alarmingly bad French day after day.
    I cannot wait to go back -but there is one thing I would change. Next time it will be for ten weeks.

  2. Renee

    My name is French, I’m not though. Renée has one of those little accents over the second last e. I’m a bit lazy about using it these days, but I always used it when I was in school. I told everyone it was called an acute because I was cute ?

    • diannemaguire

      Bet you were cute too – and this is a cute story. Thanks for sharing Renee.

  3. Stephanie

    What a coincidence…my toddler is currently watching a video in French as I’m reading your lovely blog about French food, soap, etc!

    I lived and worked in Paris for three years (please don’t hate me) and I finally asked my co-workers if I should just speak English. YES! Was the resounding answer. Why? Well, I’ll admit my French skills aren’t “jolie”, but it was also because they all could speak fluent English so they though, why bother? Sad but true. Mais, je parle un peu 🙂

    Bonne chance,

    • diannemaguire

      Hey Stephanie… I am so so sorry your lovely post has sat here ignored for close to a month but apparently it was filtered and I missed it on my email system. (So technical). Such a great story as well. And yes, I am tres jealoux because you lived in France for three whole years. What a brilliant way to learn the language. Best regards, Dianne

  4. Maree Talbot-Smith

    I did French for 5 years in High School and only learnt to count to ten and speak one sentence (Voulez vous ma couchez ser soir?)Definitely nothing to boast about! I was able to read/recognise it with great difficulty but not speak it. When I finally was lucky enough to go to France and went into a Supermarket and said to the girl working in the Deli that I required ‘trois’ slices of meat, she didn’t recognise the ‘trois’, so I held up 3 fingers and then she got the message-so obviously more proficient with sign language. Apart from not being able to communicate in French – I just loved France. Highlights Versailles, Monet’s Garden, Eiffel Tower, Chappelle Church,Mont Saint Michel, Bayeux Tapestry, Carcasonne, The Millau Viaduct, Normandy and the Landing Beaches, Nice and my all time favourite Paris Disney. Love, love, love France.

    • diannemaguire

      Thanks for visiting and posting on this page Maree.. French is such a beautiful language but I agree, il est tres difficile d’apprendre… thank goodness for Google Translate 🙂 x

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