The nose knows.

Here’s a recent conversation between my friend and her grandson (let’s call him Charlie) on his third birthday.

Her :    Now that you’re three you shouldn’t pick your nose any more Charlie

Him:    Yes I can. I’m going to pick my nose for a long time.

Then a few minutes later:

Her:     Charlie, you’re picking your nose way too much.

Him:    No I’m not. You’re looking at the wrong times.



Did you know that avid nose picking kids are usually those who suffer allergies because extra dried mucous creates the feeling of things not being quite right up there?

And did you know that children who eat their own boogers are healthier. Well, that’s according to Austrian lung specialist Dr Frederich Bischinger who believes these little morsels harbour bacteria to build natural immunity. A bit like a free vitamin gummie. 🙂

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  1. diannemaguire

    I haven’t read this but a very good friend recommended it for another very good friend. I’m not certain I’d actually want to stop my child nose-picking as I figure there’s a reason and it will stop of its own accord eventually. But if I did, apparently this is a good one to read to the children. 🙂

  2. Sue Gerhardt Griffiths

    Ha, how fascinating. I was tutoring a kid at the local high school and she picked her nose when she thought I wasn’t looking and didn’t know what to do with her booger, when I asked her a question she pretended to chew her nail but she actually ate it. I had to mention it to the teacher and the poor kid was given a talking to and her demeanour towards me changed.

    Haha, The Nose Pixies… gotta read me that story!

    • diannemaguire

      High school – wow! I’d have thought she would have perfected the art of private nose-picking by then. 🙂 But if my research is anything to go by she was bolstering her immune system. 🙂 Thanks for visiting Sue. I always enjoy your comments xx

      • Sue Gerhardt Griffiths

        You’re welcome, Dianne, and thanks. This was a Torres Strait Islander student with learning difficulties, she had just started year 7, hmm, she would have been 12 or 13, yep, too old to go digging in the nose in front of a whole lot of people. If I had of known though it was boosting her immune system maybe I wouldn’t have been so grossed out and perhaps not reported her. 🙂

        • diannemaguire

          No doubt you were acting in her best interests Sue xx 🙂

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