Presto L’Italia

A brilliant book gives more than words.  Right?  That’s why I trawled the net, held my breath and pressed ‘Send’ to finalise rent on a modest appartamento in ITALY for THREE MONTHS.

Nerano is a sleepy little fishing village on the Amalfi Coast. An idyllic enclave with a population of 400 that tourists are yet to discover. Nerano is where I shall research and begin my next story.

My terrazza will make the perfect writing space.

I can hear you say ‘Why Italy?’  Of course, it has to be the history, scenery and weather, the fresh food markets, gelato, pasta and zeppole.  But most of all it’s the people. I know about Italians. I know about their devil-may-care passion for life, their sense of enterprise and fun, the value they attach to family and community. And the way they hug their children close to their hearts. These things energise and inspire me.

I have a theme. I even have a title. But I am waiting for the story to wrap itself around me and I am certain that will happen in Nerano.

House and dog sitters are in place and I am ready.  Come with me! Watch as this author woman who cannot speak the language, who knows coastal living only in Australia and who always looks both ways twice before crossing anything, either flounders or flourishes amid this beautiful adventure.




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