The people you meet

Seriously,  I enjoyed the 2016 Adelaide Writers Festival so much more than the recent Rolling Stones concert that people are telling me I need to get a life…  Go figure.

I got to meet Alexander McCall Smith (whereas Mick Jagger wouldn’t even know I existed) who gave fascinating insights into his way of writing, one being:  I never see the faces of my characters. I might know about their skin, or their eyes. I see their clothes and hair and hear their voice, but I do not see their faces. 

And then there was spell-binding South African journalist and crime writer Margie Orford who when asked why she writes true-life violence as fiction said: The measure of truth in a novel is a different measure… and the novel is the greatest force of social change. Look at Charles Dickens…. Ah! It was
music to my ears.

‘Beast of Burden’ is brilliant to listen to. But hearing talented wordsmiths tell their stories is beyond awesome.

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  1. Tess Woods

    Ah he’s one of my absolute favourite authors – my daughter’s cabbage patch doll is even called Mma Makutsi :). Lovely photo of you too Di xx

    • diannemaguire

      His mind is a constant party. During his interview I swear he was creating stories as he spoke.And those names! 🙂

  2. Julie Mattinson

    Excellent article Dianne. Always great to hear about other authors.

    • diannemaguire

      Thanks Julie. And thanks for entering the draw. Good luck x 🙂

  3. Apolonia Niemirowski

    Thank you for sharing your experience with these authors. Must go to a writers festival … more interactive than I thought. Nicely done. 😀

    • diannemaguire

      I came away so inspired Apolonia. I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Good luck with the draw. x 🙂

  4. Carlien

    The people you meet ! Great blog post. Alexander’s PR folk should be thrilled with your commentary…. Not too many people rate ahead of Mick J ?

    • diannemaguire

      Good comment Carlien… I think it would be hard work being either Alexander McCall Smith or Mick Jagger -both extraordinary in their own ways. Good luck with the draw. x

  5. Mel

    Totally jealous! I love his books and he sounds like a delight and a hoot to hear speak.

    • diannemaguire

      His interview was a mixture of him writing his next story as he spoke (I could just tell) and laughter from everyone including Alexander himself. Yet 1:1 as he signed for me and others he was quite shy and reserved. I’d love to be at a dinner table with him. Good luck with the draw Mel and thanks for your comments. x 🙂

  6. Devita

    Very jealous and very happy for you – living the dream!

    • diannemaguire

      T’was a lovely event indeed. Thanks for your comment Devita. Good luck with the draw x 🙂

  7. Susie Davis

    Hi Dianne, I delibrately missed the Rolling Stones concert too!

    • diannemaguire

      It was good. But I didn’t enjoy it as much as cruising through the Writers Festival 🙂 Thanks for your comment Susie. Good luck with the draw. x

      • Susie Davis

        Thanks Dianne, would love to win that lovely prize!

  8. Susie Davis

    Deliberately…not delibrately

    • diannemaguire

      Ha ha… I didn’t notice Susie.

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